Books available at Mexborough Business Centre for BARCAt Mexborough Business Centre we are proud to present our Book Swap-Shop which is gaining popularity since it was launched late 2017.

The idea behind the Book Swap-Shop is you can bring in your books you have read and for a cost of 50p swap it with one of the books on our display.

You can bring in as many books as you wish and swap with our books just remember, it’s 50p per book swap.

Every donation received is given to BARC.

Who are BARC?

Any donations we receive from the Book Swap-Shop goes to BARC so who exactly are they?

BARC stands for Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity and as you can imagine is an animal rescue charity based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

BARC’s Story

BARC was formed in 1995. Each year they rescue 100’s of abandoned animals, often they are sick, injured or having experienced abuse.
BARC care for these animals in their centre until they are ready for adoption.

This rehabilitation process can be lengthy due to both the physical and mental trauma these animals may have endured.


BARC rely on donations given to the charity and every penny of your donation goes in to helping the lives of 100’s of animals.

If you wish to donate directly to the charity, then please follow the link at the bottom of this post.

How Else You Can Help

Maggie from BARC
Photo of Maggie – Click image to see original source.

Whilst BARC rely on donations they also need help at the various rescue centres around Barnsley so rather than donating money you can donate your time and help with the following.

• Fund Raising
• Dog Walking
• Volunteering at their Shops or Kennels
• Fostering an Animal

Getting in Touch with BARC

You can find BARC via visiting their website and/or Social Media Outlets by visiting the following links

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –

Alternatively, you can phone them on 01226 744888

Please feel free to call in at the centre to browse our books and ask at Reception for further details.

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