Mexborough business centre offers totally unique work space, housed within a fabulous Victorian building, retaining all its vintage features, original beam work and amazing stone carved entrance ways, whilst still providing modern, comfortable professional facilities.

Our tenants value the uniqueness of the centre and have embraced the advantages of working in a building that lends itself to literally any kind of business.

A Business Centre is not just Offices

Work space instead of Office space
Photo courtesy of Zen Clinical, based at Mexborough Business Centre

We offer workspace for a variety of services and environments. The centre is not just office space, it’s workshops, laboratories, training rooms, meeting and networking space, storage space, salons, therapy rooms and places for conferencing, parties and events.

Many of our tenants have moved here from expensive high streets or purpose built units. Here they are given more freedom, help and support to create their own style of dwelling, suitable for their particular business needs with 100% more flexibility and accessibility. We provide somewhere our tenants can concentrate on developing their business, without worrying about ever rising costs and complex, restrictive tenancy conditions.

We are privately owned by a local business man who’s aim is to provide a consistent, open door policy for tenants and a safe, modern but quirky working environment for local companies who are new, expanding or simply looking for more physical space or space with character.

Security and Access

There’s 24 hour cctv security and fob access, plentiful car parking and a location that’s 2 minutes from the main road leading to all major South Yorkshire towns and cities. No requests for making changes to our space are offline, (as long as it’s legal of course!) If we can house it, build it or provide it, we’ll do it!

A Community within the Business Centre

Why not consider joining our community of like minded people who share the centre? Our stunning main venue hall is at the heart of the centre and incorporates plenty of comfortable break out areas as well as opportunity for private meetings, still within the hall, due to its size and lay out. There’s plenty of opportunity to share ideas and collaborate within the centre. And there’s always something interesting happening.

We host all kinds of events, related to technology, business, fashion, arts and health. Our resident artist refreshes the walls with beautiful local paintings and interesting canvases, all for sale. We even have a bar at the centre, that remains closed unless we have a licensed event on.

We provide plenty of well equipped, complimentary rooms to meet with clients in a professional, yet unusual environment. The building and its rich history creates a natural talking point for visitors and is perfect for businesses focused on creative thinking.

Adding New Services to our Centre

Our space reflects our tenants – innovative, collaborative and friendly. This year we launched our hot desk initiative for tenants who are interested in sharing space and a Virtual Office for people who work from home but need a UK registered business address. The centre already offers meeting rooms, break-out areas or quiet private space, but our hot desk initiative adds another dimension by giving further flexibility to professional home workers, consultants, service providers and small enterprises willing to hire or share a workspace.

If you are itching to break out of your current four walls or you’re just curious to see what we’ve got to offer, call us and book in a look around or simply pop in and ask for a tour. We invite everyone to come and see a little bit of local history on their doorstep.

To get in touch you can give us a call on 01709 590005 or alternatively email us at

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