Fearless-Ventures-Terrible-Tales-Mexborough-Business-CentreLast weekend Mexborough Business Centre was transformed into an interactive theatre production set, for a timely tale of horror, written, directed and performed by Faceless Ventures, a local Immersive theatre company.

From the very moment of entry to the building, guests are instantly transported into a terrifying story of darkness, named ‘Diary of a deceased’.

The crux of the tale: An insight into the disturbed life and mind of a man, provided by the single possession found on his body, his diary. John Doe (the name given to all unknown dead men) was discovered alone, clutching the old diary so tightly, that it had to be prised out of his hands on arrival at the hospital.

Fearless-Ventures-Terrible-Tales-Mexborough-Business-CentreA curious nurse with the sole job of caring and looking after the body couldn’t resist the temptation to open the diary. She found that every page had been torn out except four single pages, the first of which was a brief description of the dead man’s life, but the other pages told 3 eerie stories, spanning several decades, describing terrible nightmares of demons and noises from the dark that were documented as true and very real, highlighting the owner’s ability to, not only hear, but, also see secret terrors from ‘the other side’. ‘Diary of a Deceased’ takes viewers on a terrifyingly fearful journey into John Doe’s life and death, where spectators can experience a live depiction of the contents of his diary all around them. Enter if you dare!!!

The production was a great success and we look forward to welcoming Faceless Ventures back soon for another exciting venture.

Our thanks to all the actors and actresses who took part and for choosing Mexborough Business Centre as their spooky venue.

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