A Virtual Office is a great way of obtaining an office address, regardless of where you are based.

Having a fixed business address has many benefits for businesses wanting to keep costs low, whilst making the right first impression.

Creating a First Impression

If you are time poor and can’t always answer your incoming calls, rather than relying on potential new client to leave a mobile phone message, which in itself isn’t really an encouraging brand message, a much better first impression is made if the call is answered in a professional manner by a fully trained Receptionist, who can answer the phone in your company name and take a message, or even answer basic questions themselves.

If you work in business to business (b2b) clients are unlikely to perceive home based companies favourably, so having a registered professional business address fulfils their expectations and gives your company more business kudos from the outset.


Less travelling time - Virtual Office
Working from home means no traveling to an office.

Having a Virtual Office and working from home keeps costs much lower than renting a physical office space and when you are a start-up / small business this cost saving is hugely important, giving you time to establish yourself and allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business. It also means your commitment is less. Giving a months’ notice on a virtual contract, should your business run into financial difficulties, is much easier and cheaper than having to pay 1-3 months rental notice.

Less Travelling Time

If you are travelling to an office and back, this adds time to your day that could be spent better building your business.

Having a Presence in the Right Location

Location is key to a successful business and by taking a Virtual Office, you can create the impression that you are located within key areas. It also gives you the flexibility to have multiple locations without having to pay for offices in that area. This can give the impression that you are a bigger, multi-site office with a presence in more than one area throughout the UK. This is particularly useful for companies that work across regions, but don’t have the budget or the need for a permanent office space in those regions.

Eco Friendly

Working from home is environmentally friendly - Virtual Office
Lowering your carbon footprint by working from home

More and more businesses are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and working from home reduces travelling time and car or public transport usage, which naturally reduces the pollution these modes of transport create and essentially makes for a much smaller footprint.


If you are working from home and using your home address as the registered business address, that means anyone who is looking to use your service or product can search your address via Google and see exactly where you live. Using a virtual office will protect your individual right to privacy.

Protection Against Theft

Much like the privacy issue, if you have your home address sited as the registered business address, you are advertising to potential burglars that you are storing work equipment and/or products at your home location. Having a virtual office will protect from this exposure and give you peace of mind that your details are being shared unnecessarily.

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