High Speed Internet Access

GIGABIT network schemeAt Mexborough Business Centre we are pleased to announce we have upgraded our network system to a new GIGABIT Fibre installation meaning our tenants and visitors will enjoy super fast internet speeds with us.

The installation is via a Government backed Gigabit Voucher Scheme and is being run by BDUK part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The scheme commenced 27th March 2018.

The company behind our installation is EcoDial. Ecodial will use scheme funds to deliver a new Gigabit capable internet connection.

So what does this mean to businesses located in our centre?

Any business located in our centre who have the internet provided by us will benefit from a 1Gb capable connection. This means you have access to a super fast fibre network that runs throughout the whole centre.

Not only are the download speeds high speed but our uploads will be just the same meaning you can watch videos, make video calls and upload files all on our blisteringly fast fibre network.

Further details of the Gigabit Voucher Scheme can be found at https://gigabitvoucher.culture.gov.uk/


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